Tag: Writing

12/02/2024 / / 366 Days

Recently I saw a video about the top 5 mindsets in the world. You can think about that statement whatever you want, but these mindsets did offer me some new insights. For me, one of the most interesting ones was Kidlin’s Law. Kidlin’s Law states that whenever you can write the problem down clearly, that the matter then is half solved. For someone who writes a lot, you can understand that this one grabbed my interest. The general statement doesn’t tell us a lot though, so it was hard to instantly know if I agree with the statement. So what other thing to do than to do some research?

20/01/2024 / / 366 Days

Trying to write at work, during my break, is harder than I thought it would be. People talking, children screaming. It can be fun, but I notice that it doesn’t help the flow of inspiration I need. The free writing session will still go on though. I just start writing again, and will see where I’ll end up. Since I’ve had problems with doing something relaxing during my break, I thought it would be a good idea to start writing during my breaks. At least I have something to do when I’m done eating now.