Tag: Time

28/01/2024 / / 366 Days

Suddenly nothing matters anymore when you’re above the clouds. At one point I wished the time would stand still. Then I would go outside, sit on the wing of the plane, and just gaze into the horizon. Looking at the clouds. Having a staring contest with the brightly shining sun. Maybe I would even look down. No afraid of heights, I would enjoy the view. It would be amazing. I would even wish that the time never starts running again. Just let me sit on that wing for eternity. No more getting hurt. No more betrayals. No more drama. Just me and the endless sky.

04/01/2024 / / 366 Days

Every single working day I have around 4.5 hours of free time. That becomes more when you count the time that I spent in public transport. Let’s say that I have 5.5 hours of free time then. I need to wash myself and get dressed, which almost always takes half an hour. I also need to eat and prepare breakfast and dinner. Let’s say that this combined takes about an hour, only because I don’t always eat breakfast. I also always need to have a little walk to/from work, and when I can travel from the right train station, I need cycle a little bit as well. This will take about 40 minutes to an hour from the 5.5 hours as well. I now deducted 2.5 hours from the 5.5 hours, which means I have 3 hours of real free time. Even though it doesn’t seem much, it still is free time. This time I can spend anyway I want.