Tag: Relax

10/03/2024 / / Blog

Going outside into the darkness. Closing myself off with a chill Spotify playlist, only focused on walking and my thoughts. Walking at night really helps me relax a lot, think about things, and coming up with ideas. There are no distractions, especially since I close myself off with music. When I’ve chosen the right playlist, one that really hits the right spot at the moment, the walk will be even better. I also always try to enjoy the view. The whole world seems to start looking different as we go from day to night. It can create some amazing views. When there is also a cool breeze, it’s really hard for me to return home. I just want to stay outside and keep walking.

14/02/2024 / / Blog

I have been thinking about not writing today. That would make 2 days on which I didn’t write a blog. But I got myself to it anyway. I could live with not writing a blog one day, but two days are a bit too much. Yesterday I just really didn’t had the energy to write a blog. I had to work for the first time since two weeks off, and just was done at the end of the day. So I didn’t do a lot yesterday after I got home. That is kinda the plan for this whole week. Just ease in that daily grind again, and make everything work again.