Tag: New Year’s Resolution

02/01/2024 / / 366 Days

When I got to read the part(s) in Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger about starting with a somewhat broader goal, and narrow it down as I progress, it became much easier for me to start writing again. I was constantly thinking what kind of subjects I would want to write about, that in the end I didn’t start writing at all. Now that doesn’t mind anymore. I just write my blogs, and see where it will take me. In the book Schwarzenegger also writes about dreaming big, and don’t settle for less. I think that is where the 366 days of blogging came from. I don’t only want to start blogging again, but will challenge myself to start blogging daily instantly.

01/01/2024 / / 366 Days

The new year has started. It is 2024 now, and I have been thinking a lot about how I want this year to unfold. The reason for that is that the last quarter of 2023 has been very hectic for me. I didn’t like that, and it did stress me out more than I should have allowed it to. Something good also happened because of it: I started to think about how I want 2024 to unfold, and what goals I would like to reach. Normally I would stay far away from New Year’s Resolutions, but this time I want to give it a go. Since people give up on their New Year’s resolutions quite fast though, I decided to call this my vision for the new year.