Tag: Expectations

07/03/2024 / / Blog

Nowadays our attention is often directed in various directions. This can make it really easy to lose focus on the person who matters the most: ourselves. It is really important to reflect on your self-growth, well-being, and happiness. During the daily grind, it can be hard to find time for this, but it is really important to make time for yourself. In today’s society, there can be a lot of pressure to maintain the many external expectations. This may make you strive for external validation as well, constantly seeking the approval and praise from others, and also measuring ourselves to others. That need of external validation will trap you in a never-ending cycle, which in my opinion is a big cause for unhappiness. When you work on you, for you, you’ll develop your authenticity, resilience, and inner peace, which will help you dealing with the ever-changing external circumstances. Working on you, for you, is of course a very personal journey. When I read these words myself, it really got me thinking about what this means to me.