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15/04/2024 / / Blog

Today I saw a video about the difference between responsibility and accountability, and this really resonated with a story I heard today. In this video Ryan Dunlap states the following: “Responsibility is taking ownership over an action. Accountability is taking ownership over an outcome.” Even though it may not always be the case, I can see responsibility and accountability go hand in hand. When you decide to take a specific action, then you should also take responsibility over the outcome. Don’t go around blaming others for the outcome, when you were the one who took the action which decided the outcome. For me, that comes over as weak and immature. Even when you weren’t responsible for the action, you can always decide to take responsibility over the outcome. No one else decides what the outcome will be but yourself. That can be hard to realize, but too be completely honest: some people just need to stop being so vain, even arrogant maybe, and get there head out of their ass.

28/02/2024 / / Blog

I believe that one of the most important traits to have, is a sense of accountability. You are responsible for the actions you take. You are responsible for how you react to situations. Recently I started noticing that a lot of people lack this trait. They like everything being handed to them, and being treated like they are the only one who matters. This is not a generational thing though. I think it’s more a characteristic of this time. People like to hold others accountable for what they do, but they don’t hold themselves accountable for their own actions and reactions. I really believe that in this day and age, people should really develop their sense of accountability.