Where will you end up in 5 years?

If you keep going down the path you’re on, where will you end up in 5 years? Are you happy with what you see? If not, do everything within your power to change the path you’re on. Reinvent yourself, learn new skills, pursue that one thing that peaks your interest right now. Don’t spent time going down the path you’re currently on, when you already know that you won’t be happy where you will end up. Life is too short to keep on going down unsatisfying paths for too long. Create the path you want to walk, and do it as soon as possible.

I found this question on Instagram (by Ross Harkness (@therossharkness), and it got me thinking. If I keep going down the path I’m currently on, where will I end up in 5 years? But also, will I still keep making progress, or will I have hit a dead end? Do I have the feeling that I hit that dead end already? The path I’m on right now does have some checkpoints that I want to pass. Recently though, I am wondering how long I will give myself to reach those checkpoints. I used to be patient, but maybe a bit too patient. Do I only need to create a new path when I’ve hit a dead end on the current one? Or do I also need to consider creating a new path, when it takes me too long to reach certain checkpoints?

Do I think that reaching the checkpoints will also stil provide me the satisfaction, that I thought it would give me when I created my current path? That is also something to consider. I think happiness is a ongoing process. Being happy shouldn’t be your end-goal, because what makes you happy will change every once in a while. The journey should make you happy, and checkpoints are part of that journey. So if it wouldn’t make me happy anymore to keep on working towards the checkpoints, am I then still going down the right path? Would I be able to spend 5 more years on that path? If no, then it also would probably be a good idea to create a new path.

When I thought more about following paths, I thought it is a way better way of having a goal in mind. Goals are only checkpoints on the path that you’re on. When you reached a certain checkpoint, you’ll keep going to reach the next one. There shouldn’t be a end goal. It also made me think that there are maybe different paths that we keep going down. There could be a work path, a love path, a health path, and so on. Do I see them separately as well, or do I see them combined as a life path? Probably all the different paths combined are the life path. I don’t know exactly yet, since I just started to think about this subject. But it’s an interesting one.

That I am writing about this, probably made you think that I’m currently not happy with the path I’m on. I mostly write about my personal life, and my own thoughts. So this is probably also about me, right? You’re probably right. I wouldn’t dive as much in this subject as I’m doing now, if I would be completely happy with the current path I’m going down. My life path took some interesting turns, which made me think a lot about if I need to create some new paths that will align better with each other. I already made some plans for changing some things. It’s time to reinvent myself, learn some new skills, and pursue some of my biggest interests and passions.


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