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12/02/2024 / / 366 Days

Recently I saw a video about the top 5 mindsets in the world. You can think about that statement whatever you want, but these mindsets did offer me some new insights. For me, one of the most interesting ones was Kidlin’s Law. Kidlin’s Law states that whenever you can write the problem down clearly, that the matter then is half solved. For someone who writes a lot, you can understand that this one grabbed my interest. The general statement doesn’t tell us a lot though, so it was hard to instantly know if I agree with the statement. So what other thing to do than to do some research?

10/02/2024 / / 366 Days

Ever since I came back from my holiday in Spain, I’ve been feeling kinda down. I still enjoy doing things, but it is just the immense decrease of energy that has been bothering me. Of course I didn’t think that going to Spain would be the miracle cure to everything I’ve been dealing with lately. During my stay there though, I really thought that I’ve got my priorities straight again. I made plans, and was really motivated. I even started a new blogging series: Path Of Life. So how come all this good energy was gone after I got back home again?

07/02/2024 / / 366 Days

Some days I’m just not feeling it. Then I just don’t feel like doing anything other then mind-numbing activities. I used to feel bad about that. What good could a day be, when I didn’t do anything productive? It is the perfectionist mind. Whenever I would just enjoy doing nothing at all, the perfectionist mind steps onto the stage, and will tell me that I should feel bad for not doing anything. Now I really don’t care anymore. These days are also just a part of life. It is just the way it is.

05/02/2024 / / 366 Days

Today I had an appointment at the barbershop to get my hair cut again. I made the appointment last Saturday, to be there at 12:00, as soon as the place would open up. So I came in just before 12:00, right on time for the haircut. An elderly man was already waiting. Since there was only one barber working today, people had to wait for some time to get their haircuts. That is why I made an appointment. Then I at least know when I will get my haircut. So as soon as I got in, I was the first customer of the day. The old man didn’t like that, even though we explained him, in English and Dutch, that I had an appointment at 12:00. The man felt like he should be first, because he was in the barbershop first. He was throwing a tantrum, and kept making snarky comments. The amount of disrespect the man was showing, really annoyed me. I was losing my respect for that old man. Even though we often get told to respect the elderly, I started to question that. No matter what age you are, if you are disrespectful to other people, I don’t think you deserve to get respect.

04/02/2024 / / Path Of Life

After I wrote the blog “Where will you end up in 5 years?“, I started to think a lot about the life paths that I’m on right now, and if I want to keep going down those paths. Do they lead me to experiencing a fulfilling life? If they do not, I’ll need to change something. I need to create a new path. But how do I do that? Writing these blogs will also be a journey for myself, seeing where my current paths will lead me, and also creating new paths. I could look for some kind of blueprint for goal-setting, but to be honest, I want to create that blueprint myself. The thing I need, is a blueprint which I can use for creating new paths, which may be completely different from each other. But I also hope, that when you also want to go down this path, that my experiences will help you.