On Writing: That One Sentence

Sometimes it only takes one line of text to start a blog. That one sentence that suddenly enters my mind, could be the spark to ignite a new text. I don’t even need to be in the process of writing a blog. At any time of the day a sentence could just enter my mind. Like it’s nothing. I like that more than when it happens when I already have an idea. Just hit me by surprise, and let me find out what to do with the words. It helps me use my creativity, and not think about the writing process too much. I just let myself sail along the waves of that one sentence.

“Whenever I go silent, it doesn’t have to mean anything.”

This is the sentence which entered my mind today. I was just walking around during my break, when the words just struck me by surprise. It also shows a little bit in what state of mind I’ve been the last few weeks, and maybe even what state of mind I’m about to enter. I already wrote that I’ve not been the most happiest recently, so the sentence could reflect that, but it also shows that I’m about to enter a grinding fase again. Just head up and chest forward, doing whatever I need to do. The silence is also a part of that.

“But my silence could also mean everything.”

Most of the time, I don’t tend to write about these random sentences that entered my mind. That’s because most of the time I don’t pay attention to them. It always start a little poetic, and if there’s one thing I’m insecure to write about, it’s poetry. I don’t know, it’s just that challenge which I didn’t dare to take upon me yet. But today I thought about doing something else with the sentence. Let’s just dissect it, and maybe even work upon it. These little sparks of inspiration always give me the motivation to start writing, but they often also demotivate me. That first sentence could really be great, and when I then start writing further, I often start to notice that the rest isn’t that great. Then I stop writing. Not now.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you, or does it?”

“No, it is all about me.”

The way one sentence can unfold into so many things, really interests me. Whenever I get into that flow, just like right now, I really love writing. The surge of inspiration and creativity that comes with that flow, is an amazing feeling. Even when I start entering my feelings, like with the sentence right now, I don’t want to stop writing. I want to keep writing, see where this will take me. It helps me creating the perfect situation to write in. When the music then also just hits, the perfect writing session has been born. I feel my heart go faster, like I just had a few Red Bulls or something. It is the same surge of energy, but then without the sugar dip. If anything, this energy boost works way longer than whatever energy increasing drug there is.

“Silently I keep going on.”

I know already that my mind will keep on running tonight, and doesn’t want to go to bed. That is the counter-part of a writing session like this. But even though I probably won’t fall asleep easily, I wouldn’t trade this writing session for it. This just doesn’t happen a lot, so I cherish it, hoping for a new spark of inspiration to enter my mind soon. Then I can just keep writing and writing, without ever wanting to stop.

“And then suddenly, I’m talking again.”

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