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04/02/2024 / / Path Of Life

After I wrote the blog “Where will you end up in 5 years?“, I started to think a lot about the life paths that I’m on right now, and if I want to keep going down those paths. Do they lead me to experiencing a fulfilling life? If they do not, I’ll need to change something. I need to create a new path. But how do I do that? Writing these blogs will also be a journey for myself, seeing where my current paths will lead me, and also creating new paths. I could look for some kind of blueprint for goal-setting, but to be honest, I want to create that blueprint myself. The thing I need, is a blueprint which I can use for creating new paths, which may be completely different from each other. But I also hope, that when you also want to go down this path, that my experiences will help you.

02/02/2024 / / Path Of Life

If you keep going down the path you’re on, where will you end up in 5 years? Are you happy with what you see? If not, do everything within your power to change the path you’re on. Reinvent yourself, learn new skills, pursue that one thing that peaks your interest right now. Don’t spent time going down the path you’re currently on, when you already know that you won’t be happy where you will end up. Life is too short to keep on going down unsatisfying paths for too long. Create the path you want to walk, and do it as soon as possible.