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09/01/2024 / / 366 Days

I read something yesterday about discipline always winning it from motivation. You build discipline. You get motivation. When you keep on building discipline, it will be getting bigger and bigger. Motivation starts to deplete as time passes. I started to notice that myself. My “start of the year” motivation is slowly depleting, which makes it harder to keep on working on my goals. That is why discipline is kicking in right now. Even though I am not as motivated as I was last week, I keep on writing. It is still fun to write blogs, but as I said before, sometimes I just want to eat and rest when I get home from work. Then I need to stay disciplined and write a blog anyway.

08/01/2024 / / 366 Days

I am tired. When I wrote my New Year’s resolutions blog, it gave me a lot of energy. Ready to take over the world! It was a temporary fix. The last quarter of 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride, in a personal and a professional way. That is taking its toll now. The fix wasn’t a real fix. It was only a bandage which is coming off now. Today I have spent a lot of time inside my head again. I have been thinking about the last couple of months. Playing the tape of certain events again, wondering if I should’ve done something different. Could I have changed the outcome? Of course it is all history. I can’t change anything that has happened already. But still, sometimes these thoughts enter my head again. Playing the tape, rewinding the tape, write a different scenario. Days like these drain way more off my energy than a long day at work.

07/01/2024 / / 366 Days

After 7 continuous days of blogging, I can say that I’ve reached the first milestone. Even though I had, and still have, a lot of motivation to make this daily blogging work, I have to say that it is more difficult than I thought. Daily writing isn’t that hard, but it is more that I expect something of my blogs. The bar is higher than when I would write only for myself. Today I thought that maybe I should let that thought go. Let’s just focus on writing daily first. But it always has been quality over quantity for me, so it is hard to make it go the other way. The thing is though, and I just thought of that, that I think that first focusing on quantity will improve the quality of my blogs.

06/01/2024 / / 366 Days
05/01/2024 / / 366 Days

Today, on my fifth day of blogging daily, I’m finding it hard to write. This Friday is the transition to the blogs, that I am planning to write in the weekend. Tomorrow, after I get home from work, I want to try something completely different. I want to write a longer blog on both Sunday and Monday. I still have this energy to write daily, but today I also felt the urge to do something different with my free time. But I decided to show up anyway. The words don’t show up on the screen as easy as they did yesterday, but a blog will be written. I just can’t promise that it will be good.