Working out, and getting priorities straight

Today I decided to start with a new workout. I found this 20 minute full body workout, which needed no gym equipment. So why not giving it a try? Beforehand I wasn’t thinking too highly of myself, and thought I would be done after 4 or 5 minutes. I surprised myself. I finished the workout, even though I cheated a bit. I really hate YouTube commercials, but this time they kinda saved me, provided a some extra rest between sets. The last time I worked out was during my holiday in Spain, and that wasn’t really intense, so I could really use the extra breaks. It is my plan to start working out more again. I don’t know if I’ll continue with this specific workout though. Maybe it is an idea to try some things out, to check what suits me best.

The reason why I want to work out again, is not only about getting in better shape. Of course that is also important, but mostly I just want to stay busy. Working out is the best way to clear your mind for a while. It doesn’t matter if I go running or do a full body workout. Going to the edge of what you can handle makes sure that you don’t have the time to overthink or worry. I’m completely living in the current moment when I’m testing myself physically. It is the best way to get into that zone. Even meditation doesn’t get me as much in the current moment as that working out does.

After writing yesterdays blog, I decided that I need to make some changes to my life. I just want to get my priorities straight again. The problem is though, that at the moment I don’t really know what these priorities are. The goals I have in mind are still really abstract. As long as they won’t get more concrete, it is hard to find out what my priorities are. The daily grind still continues of course, and of course I’ve set goals for that, but to be completely honest: I don’t give a f*** about the daily grind. I want a life full of freedom and happiness along the road. The daily grind won’t give me that, so for me it’s not a priority to think too much about that. So I first need to transform my abstract dreams into concrete goals, from where I can set my priorities.

I currently feel that I’ve arrived at a crossroads. Which way do I have to go? Do I need to burn down some bridges behind me? These will be the questions which I hope to answer real soon, because I owe it to myself to do that. It’ll be difficult to make some choices, because right now, I don’t feel I’m ready to burn some bridges down. But maybe that is also the sign that it needs to happen. We’ll see.

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