What To Write About?

The main reason for why I write blogs, is because I love writing. That’s it. I like the feeling to create something out of nothing. There are multiple ways to create that exact same feeling, but writing works the best for me. Even though I love to write, it doesn’t mean I have this never-ending stream of inspiration. Sometimes the ideas just won’t come through, and then I will just stare at my screen, waiting until the first word flows right out of my hands. Quite often this first word never comes. Then I have a decision to make: Will I keep staring at my screen, or will I just call it a day and try again tomorrow? Most often I will choose for the second option, just because I don’t want to force anything. And that creates a follow-up question: What do I want to write about?

Quite often I just start from a rough idea. I sit down, will start writing, and after a while the rough idea starts to get polished. I never really plan what I want to write about a specific subject. I just grab the idea and start to write. This has pro’s and cons. A big pro is that the text will be more sincere and natural. The con to that is that there may come a moment on which I don’t know what to write anymore. This may be fixed by just staring at the screen for a moment, but sometimes it even can take a couple of days before I finish the text. It may be of huge help to start writing with a plan, something which I’ve tried multiple times, but I just like it more this way.

Right now I have a couple ideas to turn into blogs, but I’m still having doubts. Even though I really want to write about these ideas, there are some between them of which I’m not sure whether I want to share these thoughts. So that kinda holds me back to start writing. Probably that is also why I chose to write this blog. This way I can just keep on writing, without having to spend too much thoughts on the subject. This one should be quite safe to write about. I actually don’t like when I think like that. As I would always advocate for freedom of speech, I feel that I should be able to write about anything I want, also if that text might offend someone. But as I don’t want to do that, it is kinda holding me back to write about anything I want. Then I just write about something safe.

I also feel that I’m getting out of shape again, when it comes to blogging. Blogs like these are not that hard to write, and good for getting into the groove again, but it’s like the deeper texts that are getting harder for me to write about. The only thing of which I know how to fix this, is to just keep on writing. If I just keep writing blogs, also about fairly simple subjects, it will all be fine again. Before I know it, I will start writing blogs with a deeper meaning again.

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