Torremolinos Walks

As I am writing this blog, my legs are killing me. Yesterday I walked 11 kilometers along the beach, and today I decided to walk to the city center of Torremolinos. Since I arrived in Spain, I walked a lot. I always like to take walks to clear my mind, but the walks are even better when I’m in different environment. I don’t know why. It just helps me with clearing my mind, looking inward, and figuring things out. I have a lot to think about lately, more than enough for 11 kilometer walks. I take a walk every morning and evening. Even though it is not my intention to make mental health walks out of them, they are slowly becoming something like that. Of course it also helps that the views are amazing, and my condition gets better every day.

What I always want to do, when I’m taking walks in a new place, is to discover every little interesting corner of the place. I like exploring, and find something that I normally wouldn’t find, if I would’ve just stayed on the usual paths. This interest of mine also helps me to set my mind to a more relaxing mode. It is the pinnacle of living in the moment to me. I just now realize that.

Even though I want to have a more relaxing day tomorrow, which mostly means less walks, I will probably take little walk along the beach again. The day before yesterday I meditated a short time under a palmtree, a spot which I found during a little walk as well. There is really something soothing about meditating, while hearing the sounds of the sea, and parrots flying over your head. There were also cars still passing by, or people talking, but it was really easy to focus on my breathing. So maybe I will meditate again.

But I will also try something new tomorrow. Since the hotel also has a spa, I decided to try a hot stone massage. It should help reduce physical and mental stress. I’ve been thinking about getting a massage for a while now, mostly to try something new and because I hope it can help me release some tension. Tomorrow I will see what the results are.

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