That once in a lifetime friendship

Relationships come and go. But there is this rare kind of relationship, that once in a lifetime friendship. I don’t know how you recognize it, but as soon as you got into this amazing friendship, built this bond, you know. It is something magic. Every time you are with this friend, the world becomes a better place. You feel better, even on some of the worst days. That doesn’t mean that there are never struggles or fights, because there are, but at the end of the day there is this unconditional trust in each other. The last couple of months, I noticed that I’ve been building this kind of friendship with someone else, and it actually kinda got me by surprise. How is it possible, that someone who I haven’t known for a long time yet, plays such a huge role in my life now?

There always is this first meeting, and from then we could already have known. There was this instant connection, after a few days I was already talking about stuff which I don’t tell anyone. I don’t trust easily, but with this person there was this instant trust. We instantly talked about our energies aligning with each other, and that is what it was. There was this recognition, even though we didn’t met before. Because of having trust issues, I never tend to expect too much, but I knew this was, and still is, special. I could finally drop some of my walls, something which I never expected to do.

Like I said, this doesn’t mean that there are no struggles. We’ve been into fights. Weirdly enough though, the fights, or the time after the fights, are also way different. Every single time we got into a fight, and talked it out after, I just felt our friendship was becoming way stronger than before. This doesn’t mean we want to get in a fight, but to me it shows how strong this newfound friendship actually is. We can get through it all without any doubt, and can laugh about it a few days after already. I think that this has also a lot to do with knowing, that in the end, we will always be there for each other, and got each others back. There will be high and lows, and we will be there for each other in both occasions.

In the months we’ve known each other now, I can say that we both already grew a lot as individuals. We support each other in our personal growth process, but recently I also have been noticing that we are growing together. We lift each other to a higher level, even have some of the same goals. We share a lot of thoughts and experiences with each other. We talk about it, laugh about, and always support each other. It feels good to have somebody cheering you on along the way of personal growth, and it feels really good to support this amazing friend along the way as well.

On a more personal note then…

We’ve been through a lot with each other already, and had a lot of fun along the way. I never ask for requests for my blogs, but I asked you, and you asked me to write about our friendship. Well, here you go. I told you many times that I will always be there for you, as you will be for me. It’s like you said to me about a week ago: “You will never go away anymore.” And you’re completely right. This is a once in a lifetime friendship, and that is for always.

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