That good tiredness

I like these days where I feel that good tiredness. It is the fulfilled feeling of having had a productive day. After days like these, I want to get home, eat a good meal, take a shower, and then finally have a good night sleep. Even though I’m feeling tired, I also feel calm. I did everything I wanted to do today, at least when it comes to work, so why shouldn’t I feel calm? Only thing left for me is to end the day, and maybe even write something, which of course I’m doing right now.

Today was mostly a physical labor day for me. All kinds of packaging materials arrived in my store today, and had to be moved to the designated room. I chose to do this mostly myself. Enough people to take care of the store, so let me just take everything upstairs. Because it doesn’t happen that much anymore that I’ll have to do a lot of physical labor, I really like when it does happen. It just feels like a workout. But even though I really like it, I started to feel my arms and legs halfway. It all wasn’t that heavy, but it was a lot. I think I moved up and down the stairs over 100 times today. So it was only obvious that my arms and legs were objecting. I worked through these objections and got the job done, earlier than I planned.

This just creates that good tiredness, the feeling that you deserve to be tired. So I did come home, did eat a good meal, took a long shower, and hopefully will have a good night sleep in a couple of hours. For now, it is just time to relax a little and write a little. Tomorrow another day, a day on which I need to be productive a complete other way, since I will mostly be doing administrative work. Have to say that I’m also really looking forward to that after today. I will start the day better though, since I didn’t had time to get a cup of coffee before work today. So I will just leave early tomorrow, to be sure I can get a good cup of coffee before I start working again.

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