Take your time to rest

I took me a time to realize that not everything goes to shambles, when I choose for relaxation, and not for being productive. Sometimes it even helps me to put everything on the right track again. Let’s take my daily blogging challenge for example: Even though it wasn’t planned, not blogging for a few days helped me to think more about the direction I want to go with my blogs, or about why I am writing. Work is the same. Even though I like my job, there can be days where I am just less productive. It doesn’t have a specific reason, but it is just the way it is. I could stress about not being productive for one day, and I used to do that. Then I realized that taking a step back one day, can result in me taking multiple steps forward the next day. That is why I don’t worry about choosing for a relaxing day anymore. It benefits everything just as much as a productive day does.

The reason why I chose to write about this, is not because I am having problems to get into that mindset. It is because I see people around me constantly want to give it their all. That is cool, when you have the energy. I like to go all-out as well when I’m full of energy. That just feels really good. But I can see the stress in someone’s eyes when the energy is not there. I think that constantly giving it your all, even when you’re completely out of energy, can make you get a burn-out. Constantly being on edge, and not taking the time to rest, won’t help you. It will only make you more tired, more stressed, and will just harm your mental health in general. Relaxing and taking some well earned rest are just as important as being productive, to reach your goals.

After being stressed out for a long period of time in 2021, I really learned that it is okay to also relax. You don’t always need to be 110%. Sometimes 70 or even 40% is al you can reach a specific day. Don’t worry about it. Everyone has those days. Take your rest, and relax a little bit. Tomorrow is a brand new day with new chances. Since that time in 2021, I really have the feeling that there isn’t much that can touch me anymore in case of not being able to go all-out for a short period of time. It is just what it is, and I can’t do anything about. I will try to be on 110% again tomorrow, or at least on a better percentage than today. That is all I can try to do. So why worry about it? This mindset really helped me with handling almost anything my job throws at me. I will tackle every task, but sometimes it will take me two days instead of one. That’s it.

Being in that state in the past of always wanting to go all-out, really gave me the ability to see when other people need their rest. I just see it in their eyes when they start losing that energy. All I can do then, is sharing my own experiences and tips. Take a step back for now. It’s okay to relax a little bit. I’m sure it will be okay in the end. Also talking about what gives you stress, may help a lot. Not only will it be out of your system, but it will also help you to put everything into perspective. Is it really worth it to stress about that? Does that task really needs to be done immediately, or can you take it more slowly? Most of the time you’ll notice that it really isn’t that important. Just take a step back, relax a little bit, and do whatever you can at that moment. That is more than enough.

The weird thing that happened to me when I started thinking this way, I made progress way faster. So even though I sometimes choose to move slower, in the end it will make me go faster. I will not stress as much, make resting well my priority, and it doesn’t interfere at all with reaching my goals, or tackling my tasks. So why should I worry about having to go all-out every single day of the week?

Take your time. Relax. It will all work out in the end.

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