Straight out of my heart

So I started writing poetry. On my micro-sd card there is now a file called: Straight out of my heart. That is what it is. I need a way to write about things, the things I’m not feeling ready to blog about. I took the step to start writing more personal, but this still comes a bit too close. Because it comes too close, it is also makes it harder to share on this website. That is why I decided to make this text file, to just start writing poetry in, poetry about my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t know why, but I felt I should share that here. Maybe it is because, deep down, I would like to share everything on this website. But there is also a part in me, that finds it really hard to share some things, mostly because I am afraid on how people would react on it. It’s that fear of rejection, maybe even trust issues, that I just can’t trust people with these little pieces of poetry. Maybe that trust will grow, or maybe I just won’t care about it anymore. Then at least I have written pieces, which are ready to share.

It is probably also some kind of personal journal, but then in a more creative way. When I just started writing some of these pieces, it felt like I could give my thoughts a place. I could get them out of my mind, and start thinking about something else, or about nothing at all. It calmed me down again. So I probably will continue to write poetry. Maybe I will share something here, maybe I won’t.

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