Start of a new month, start of new habits

With the start of February here, it is my intention to start looking inward more. I don’t want to be bothered as much anymore by what other people do. That doesn’t matter anyway. Like I said before, everything can and will change. That fact is the only thing that ironically enough will never change. However, it is easier said than done to not be bothered by the actions of others anymore. But it will be my goal for this month anyway. Even when I can only progress to that goal a little bit this month, I am sure that it will benefit my bigger goals.

The thing is, that I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want with my life. Do my current actions benefit to that life? Or will I be stuck when I won’t make changes? Do I even know what I really want with life? With my vacation ending tomorrow, I weirdly enough thought about that I want my life to be a endless journey, literally. I want to travel way more, and explore the world. If I really would like to do that, the way that I constructed my life now won’t be helping towards that goal. I need to make changes, big changes.

These changes will be a big part of February. I have a lot of questions which I need to answer myself. I also already know some of the actions I need to take. So let’s see how far I’ll get this month. At least February has a extra day this year.

Of course some things have happened, which made me think about my life a lot recently. I thought about writing about these reasons, but I don’t know if that would be of any help. Writing always helps to express my feelings, but maybe some things better cannot be shared. At least for now. I also read a quote recently about that you must never be afraid to tell about what you feel, because you owe it no-one to keep quiet. Even though I kinda agree with that, it is still some kind of hurdle to take to write about this. But hey, maybe I something will change this month, which will make me write about it anyway. Never say never.

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