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In the past I used to watch a lot of motivational videos, and read a lot of motivational quotes. It helped me to get into the right mindset. Sometimes I just used it to get a energy boost. This interest faded away, until this year. I just started to notice that I am really reading a lot of motivational quotes again. I don’t watch motivational videos, since I think it is too much screaming. But yeah, so I started reading motivational quotes again. Is it because I need it? When I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind, is that I don’t really need to read them for a energy boost or getting into the right mindset. And then I start to notice that this interest started to return again at the beginning of the year, at the time when I wasn’t really feeling good.

The quotes that I’m interested in right now, are way different than the ones I liked before. Before, I liked the ” pump me up” quotes, that get you in that “nothing can beat me” energy. Now, I like the more philosophical quotes, the quotes about life and mental health. They help me to think about things more deeply, but also to have a better understanding about certain subjects. I get inspiration and motivation out off them. Probably because I want to go next-level the coming time, it really helps me to think more deeply about certain things. Reading quotes, said by influential and inspiring people, gives me a lot of inspiration to do things different, or change the way how I am doing things. Sometimes I just look up quotes about the things I’m thinking about at the moment, just to get another angle.

These are the serious quotes. I also started to read a lot of funny quotes about coffee. I like coffee, and sometimes joke about that caffeine is running through my veins. So yeah, I drink quite some coffee, even thought it has been more in the past. These quotes and memes just make me laugh, and sometimes that is the only thing I need. Not everything needs to be serious. That is why I also like memes about work or stupidity. They are not inspirational or motivational. They are just funny, and help me to relax.

I think my return to Facebook, which initially was because to get in contact with people and promote my blogs, has been the main reason why I started reading quotes and memes again. I planned to never return to Facebook for various reasons, but I kinda like that I did it anyway. Maybe it is not the most productive environment, even though I am really sure that it helped me writing more blogs, but it really helps me to relax and find some more inspiration, for blogs and life.

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