Night Walk

Going outside into the darkness. Closing myself off with a chill Spotify playlist, only focused on walking and my thoughts. Walking at night really helps me relax a lot, think about things, and coming up with ideas. There are no distractions, especially since I close myself off with music. When I’ve chosen the right playlist, one that really hits the right spot at the moment, the walk will be even better. I also always try to enjoy the view. The whole world seems to start looking different as we go from day to night. It can create some amazing views. When there is also a cool breeze, it’s really hard for me to return home. I just want to stay outside and keep walking.

I really want to do more of these night walks. During my days off, it is way easier to actually go walking at night, than it is at working days. But now that I’m thinking about it, it would be way smarter to go walking at night after a working day. See it as a cooldown. Then I can just let all the stress of the day go, unwind, and get more into that relaxed state of mind. It is not that work is stressing me out a lot, but recently I have been feeling more tired than usual. But I also don’t mind that. If the tiredness has a good reason, I find it more easy to get over it. Then again, a night walk after a tiring working day, could be just the thing I need then.

Today I have been thinking about when I was stressed out at home in 2021. When I got out of that state, I really felt amazing, like nothing could ever get me down again. It is not that I’m stressed out again, but it’s more that I want to return to that mental state I was in at the start of 2022. What were the habits I developed? One thing was that I walked a lot, way more than I did tonight. So why shouldn’t I start doing these “mental health walks” again? I’m sure it will help me in some way. During the coming days, I will try to build these habits of 2022 again, to get me back to that great mental state again. I wonder how it will help me out now. I’m not stressed out at the moment, so I have a better starting point. Then it could only mean that I will maybe get in a even better state then, right? Well, we will see.

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