My vacation is almost there

I love writing later at night. The world starts to shut down, so it gets quieter. Sometimes I hear a car passing by. Other than that, it’s only the sound of whatever music or video I play during my writing session. It creates a relaxing vibe. I don’t know if my writing gets better or worse because of it, but I think writing later at night affects free writing sessions. Recently I haven’t been writing much early on the day, just because I work from 10:00 to 18:00, so I rather write after eating my dinner. But since I have two weeks off after tomorrow, I want to try to write earlier on the day more often.

It is 21:42, and I just came home. I immediately opened my laptop to start writing. Free writing already was the plan for today, which makes it way more easier. Open the laptop and start putting words on the screen. That doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do. Tomorrow I still have to check if I have the time to write a blog, since I still have to pack my bag for my holiday to Spain. But I don’t stress. I never stress about packing my bag. When I have the time to write after packing my bag, I will of course do that. I’m also thinking more about bringing my laptop with me anyway, just for when I want to write anyway.

I’m really looking forward to go to Spain, even though I have to be at the airport really early on Sunday. I am talking about 3:50 early. But at least I am also early in Spain then. From the airport I will have a transfer to the hotel, where I can check-in, unpack my bags, and start a relaxing week. That is really the main goal of this vacation: relaxing. That and eating good food. But let’s first pack my bag tomorrow. It is weird to pack spring/summer clothes, when it is still cold outside at home. But in southern part of Spain it is around 20 degrees Celsius. So I don’t need a lot of winter clothes. That also kinda helps me to not stress about packing my bag. I mean, I know what kind of clothes I will take with me, so I just have to put them in my bag. No need to worry.

It is always very funny to me when I hear off these stories, about people who start their vacations with an immense amount of stress. Why would you do that to yourself? Just relax. In the worst scenario you maybe forget something, but then you can always think of a solution for that. That is why I never stress about my vacation. It is supposed to be fun, so why should I bring negative energy to it? Won’t be doing that. A vacation should only be positive. And that is just what I intend my upcoming vacation to be.

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