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I have been thinking about not writing today. That would make 2 days on which I didn’t write a blog. But I got myself to it anyway. I could live with not writing a blog one day, but two days are a bit too much. Yesterday I just really didn’t had the energy to write a blog. I had to work for the first time since two weeks off, and just was done at the end of the day. So I didn’t do a lot yesterday after I got home. That is kinda the plan for this whole week. Just ease in that daily grind again, and make everything work again.

I want to make some changes, and need to fit everything into my days. This can be quite the challenge. I once wrote about how much free time I had on one day, and what productive activities I could do with that time. That is still the same. The thing is though, that I just also want to relax some more. That is really something which I’ve learned during my stay in Spain. My lifestyle was way more relaxing and healthy, which really made me feel way better. So I need to implement parts of that lifestyle to my day to day life.

It will be hard to walk along the beach every single day, and eat the same food as I did there, but it’s mostly about the mindset. Just relax a little. You don’t always need to be productive or be busy. Sometimes it is necessary to just relax and do nothing. Doing nothing really is hard for me. I just get that uneasy feeling when I’m not doing anything. That’s a really weird feeling when you’re not in the mood for anything. But it is just the way it is. These days will occur, and I should just accept them and go with the flow. Let’s see where it will take me.

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