It’s been a good week

It is weird how so much can change within a few days. Last Sunday I was feeling a bit down, but from Monday it has been a really good week. I didn’t expect that, but it was also a bit obvious that this would happen. I quit social media. I started a more healthy week, food- and exercise wise. Then I also started reading more about personal growth and mental health again. So I did the things that could only be beneficial to having a better week. Now it’s key to take that good week to a good month, and of course even further.

What also happened yesterday again, is that I started writing. That wasn’t planned. I just was minding my business yesterday, relaxing, and then just got my laptop to start writing a small blog. Everything that I start and quit doing this week, made me feel so much better. Most of the time, when I feel good, I also write way more. The only thing I notice though, is that I really miss the practice now. It’s a bit harder to write now. The words don’t appear as easily on the screen as they used to. But that needs practice. Write more to become a better writer. Probably I want to write some bigger blogs during my days off again, so I need to see how it will work out when I actually plan to write a blog. This one was kinda planned, but I didn’t know what to write about. So then I just write.

I won’t be making any promises on how often I will write, but as long as I keep the energy of this week going, I think I will start writing quite often again. Then I need to keep going with building good habits and ditching the bad. The next steps will probably be to quit drinking alcohol, and start running again. So I will be ditching a bad habit again, and start with a good one. I don’t know where this sudden urge to develop myself came from. It is just that my whole mentality shifted, something which I actively felt today. It is not only more positivity, but also more calmness. I just feel good, and want to keep feeling that way. I feel that as long as I keep doing what I did this week, and keep developing good habits, I will gradually feel even better. So let’s keep this up.

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