It is just the way it is

Some days I’m just not feeling it. Then I just don’t feel like doing anything other then mind-numbing activities. I used to feel bad about that. What good could a day be, when I didn’t do anything productive? It is the perfectionist mind. Whenever I would just enjoy doing nothing at all, the perfectionist mind steps onto the stage, and will tell me that I should feel bad for not doing anything. Now I really don’t care anymore. These days are also just a part of life. It is just the way it is.

I also started to think that maybe it is too much to write daily. The writing process is not taking a lot of energy, and I really like writing blogs, but the thought of having to write a daily blog can cause some stress. So should I maybe stop with the 366 Days Daily Blogging Challenge? Yes and no. I don’t necessarily want to write a blog everyday anymore, but I do want to see how many blogs I could write in 2024. I’ve written a lot of blogs already, even though I didn’t write every single day, so that is already a win. Can I keep going on with this? Don’t get me wrong by the way, maybe I will have daily writing streaks of multiple weeks, but it is not the main goal anymore. I just want to have fun writing blogs, and see how many I can write this year.

What I do want to do more, is free writing. Recently I have been thinking way too much about what I would like to write, instead of just writing something. I really believe my strength lies within just writing something. When I don’t put too much thought in the whole writing subject, writing a blog gets so much more relaxing and even energizing. These blogs are also a lot of fun to read after an amount of time for me. They are more like diary entries, but more in general, and maybe slightly less personal. Even though I tend to write quite easy about personal stuff. Still have some doubts about writing about certain subjects, but I’ll get there. As long as I just keep writing.

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