I stopped using social media

When people around you stop using social media, it probably makes you think about your own social media usage. At least, that is what happened to me. So when someone told me she was about to delete all social media, it made me think about my own screen time on social media apps, mostly Facebook and Instagram. That made me realize I’ve been using these platforms for mindless scrolling way too much. Time to quit social media then, again…

Since last Saturday, I stopped using Facebook and Instagram completely, and deleted the apps from my phone. Even though it felt weird at first, as the week progressed, it gave me more calmness. Now I am already on the point on which I don’t even miss it anymore. I also don’t automatically try to open the apps anymore. That is really weird to notice. Opening social media apps wasn’t a choice anymore, it became a habit, an automatism. I didn’t actually control the habit anymore, even though I thought I did.

I did quit social media before, but always came back. I mostly did that with an excuse. Facebook is good for the marketing of my website. If I want to develop my personal brand, I need social media. These kind of excuses. Excuses which were all bs. We don’t need social media at all, we just think we do. That is probably the addiction talking as well. I once saw a documentary, which showed how social media platforms are constructed to make us addicted to them. It was a bit scary to see. But maybe that should’ve been the wake-up call already, to stay far away from these platforms.

So now I am only using LinkedIn, and am still questioning myself whether I see that platform as social media, or as a professional networking platform. And what is the difference? I do notice though that LinkedIn is way less addicting than the other social media platforms, and that I actually don’t mindless scroll through my feed. But maybe that is also just an excuse. I’ll see. For now, I will continue my stop on Facebook and Instagram, and that’s is all because I actually start to feel better mentally because of the stop. So why should I return to those platforms?

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