Don’t React Out of Anger

Reacting out of anger is never a good idea. I did it a short time ago, and this set the stage for some chain-events to happen. It made the situation even worse. Even though my anger had a reason, I still had to think before I acted. But I did something different. I decided to vent my feelings, not in my own language, which made everything one big shitshow. That is where it went wrong. If I first would just have calmed down, let everything sink for a little bit, I would probably have found the reason for my anger completely unimportant. It would have prevented a lot.

The last couple of days I really thought about this. What was the source for my anger? Why did I feel the need to vent to someone about it? What could I have done differently? The reason why I was angry was something that was just the last drop to make the bucket overflow. If there wouldn’t be a lot of things going on already, I would probably not even have thought about it after another five minutes. But that wasn’t the case this time. It hurt me and I was angry because of it. That is why I felt the need to vent to someone about it, to just get it off my chest. If I would do that in the future, I would probably do that in Dutch, since that is my mother language. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite confident about my English writing and speaking. Only not when I don’t feel good and am angry. It was stupid already to vent about these feelings, but even more to do that in English.

I have been thinking about what I could have done differently, because I now see the results from me reacting to something when I am angry. I think I should be more careful about sharing my feelings, keep some things and thoughts to myself. It has a little bit to do with trust, but more with if it’s really necessary to share everything. Even though you trust someone for 110%, they don’t need to know everything about what’s going on in your mind. I now think that this will not only benefit them, but also yourself. Next time I will just write about my feelings in a notebook. It’s another way to vent, and to get everything out of your mind. Other than that, sometimes it is maybe better to just count to 10 first. Probably everything will start to look a lot brighter after that.

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