Discipline over motivation

I read something yesterday about discipline always winning it from motivation. You build discipline. You get motivation. When you keep on building discipline, it will be getting bigger and bigger. Motivation starts to deplete as time passes. I started to notice that myself. My “start of the year” motivation is slowly depleting, which makes it harder to keep on working on my goals. That is why discipline is kicking in right now. Even though I am not as motivated as I was last week, I keep on writing. It is still fun to write blogs, but as I said before, sometimes I just want to eat and rest when I get home from work. Then I need to stay disciplined and write a blog anyway.

It seems to work so far. Because I am more disciplined, I want to keep the writing streak going. Discipline also helps with finding inspiration. Since I really put myself to writing a blog, I also need to put myself to finding a subject to write about. I always thought motivation and inspiration go hand in hand, but am starting to notice that discipline and inspiration make a way better pair. They at least do when it is really needed. Motivation made me start to write again, discipline keeps me writing. Discipline builds a habit. If I really want to write 366 blogs this year, I need to create the habit to write daily.

Habits need to grow. You need to stay disciplined to develop them. It often takes around 66 days to build a habit. Even though your motivation may get you started, you need discipline to keep on building a habit. When that motivation-boost is gone, discipline will take it over to keep you going. That doesn’t mean that you’re not motivated anymore. It is just that the energy boost is gone. See it as a sugar dip. When you eat/drink sugar, you will first feel really energetic. After a while though, you get into a sugar dip and feel less energetic. I think motivation does the same to your body. Or maybe it is just a motivation overdose that get you to start with a new habit.

Because I am still motivated to make this site work. I just don’t have the same amount of energy as last week anymore. Probably my feeling of motivation normalized again. Still motivated enough to work towards my goals, but I need my discipline to keep writing even when I am tired. So maybe normalized motivation and discipline make the dream couple. Then I hope that they will keep working together, to keep my blogging streak going.

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