Day 7: The first milestone has been reached

After 7 continuous days of blogging, I can say that I’ve reached the first milestone. Even though I had, and still have, a lot of motivation to make this daily blogging work, I have to say that it is more difficult than I thought. Daily writing isn’t that hard, but it is more that I expect something of my blogs. The bar is higher than when I would write only for myself. Today I thought that maybe I should let that thought go. Let’s just focus on writing daily first. But it always has been quality over quantity for me, so it is hard to make it go the other way. The thing is though, and I just thought of that, that I think that first focusing on quantity will improve the quality of my blogs.

The more I write, the easier it becomes. When the writing becomes easier, I can focus more on quality. This doesn’t mean that I will not focus on quality right now. I just want to get into the habit of writing daily first. When I put too much pressure on myself right now, I know I won’t succeed this challenge. I have been writing blogs for a long time already, but the thing is, I didn’t for 6 months. So I have to get into that blogging flow again. That first week of writing blogs really helped with that. I also try to remember, when the last time was that I blogged for 7 days straight. I think that has to be a very long time ago, probably during the time that I first started to write blogs. So that is something I can be proud off already.

What makes it really hard for me to keep on writing, is to write after I get home from work. I have written about that you have to make time for your goals, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be difficult. Whenever I get home, I just want to eat and rest. That’s it. That is why I really need to keep myself focused and motivated. Even though I really want to make this daily blogging thing work, it sometimes is hard to stay motivated. That is when the writing gets harder, and I probably won’t be happy with the quality of my blogs. Luckily that also can be a good thing. Because when I then finish writing a blog, I am happy that I did, and that I didn’t break the streak.

I do wonder if the streak will get broken. Of course that is not the plan, but I have to take in account that it could happen. What will I do then? Probably I will just try to start a new streak. Whenever you try to do something big, you must also be willing to fail. After failing you must keep moving forward. For now my mindset is set to that failing is not an option. That will keep the streak going, I’m sure of that. Tomorrow I will also have a day off, so it won’t be a problem to write the next blog. Inspiration isn’t the problem at all too be honest. I have more than enough ideas for new blogs. I just need to be in the mood to develop those ideas to blogs. When I’m not in that mood, I just need to keep writing. Seven days of blogging really helped me with getting into the habit of writing again, and it’s already way easier than when I started.

I’ll just keep writing, and probably start planning somewhat more. I want to write fresh blogs. This means that I don’t want to write them ahead, which makes this challenge a lot harder. The thing is, that during this first week, I only started to think about the subject of the blog as soon as I started to write. So I need to do everything in a short amount of time. If I would just brainstorm earlier, and maybe write down the outlines of blogs, it probably becomes way easier to write quality blogs. So I will probably start doing that.

One week down fifty-one to go.

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