Day 5: Showing up

Today, on my fifth day of blogging daily, I’m finding it hard to write. This Friday is the transition to the blogs, that I am planning to write in the weekend. Tomorrow, after I get home from work, I want to try something completely different. I want to write a longer blog on both Sunday and Monday. I still have this energy to write daily, but today I also felt the urge to do something different with my free time. But I decided to show up anyway. The words don’t show up on the screen as easy as they did yesterday, but a blog will be written. I just can’t promise that it will be good.

It is weird. When I got off the bus, and walked home, I still felt the energy to write a awesome blog again. After I ate my dinner, I think I spent too much time just chilling. It is really hard to get out of that chill mode. My eyes are getting tired, and body just wants to lie down. My head wants to write though. That is probably why I showed up anyway. That, and I don’t like giving this up. So I won’t. Let’s just show up and start writing. I’ll see where this blog will end.

Too be completely honest, today has been about showing up anyway. I also didn’t feel very productive at work today. When I think about it, I still accomplished a lot today, but it just didn’t feel like it to me. I showed up and did the best I can. But not more than that. Sometimes these kind of days are just the way it is. It is a feeling very hard to explain. I was in a good mood, felt great physically, but I just couldn’t get in a great flow. It’s the same how I feel when writing this blog now. And that’s ok. I mean, I didn’t expect to have a easy writing session every single day. The important thing is that I keep showing up. So that is what I did today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Even though I already know that I will write a short blog tomorrow, it is one where I have to think about how I will write it.

So tomorrow I will also show up again, with probably way more energy than today.

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