Day 4: Make time for your vision

Every single working day I have around 4.5 hours of free time. That becomes more when you count the time that I spent in public transport. Let’s say that I have 5.5 hours of free time then. I need to wash myself and get dressed, which almost always takes half an hour. I also need to eat and prepare breakfast and dinner. Let’s say that this combined takes about an hour, only because I don’t always eat breakfast. I also always need to have a little walk to/from work, and when I can travel from the right train station, I need cycle a little bit as well. This will take about 40 minutes to an hour from the 5.5 hours as well. I now deducted 2.5 hours from the 5.5 hours, which means I have 3 hours of real free time. Even though it doesn’t seem much, it still is free time. This time I can spend anyway I want.

I don’t have time

How often did you hear people say that they don’t have time? They are too busy. They need to spend time with loved ones. They also want to relax a little bit, watch series or play videogames. Of course that is completely fine, and in most cases even important, but it also shows they have time. They just choose to spend it in a specific way. It is always a fun discussion when I tell people that they have more than enough free time, but they just choose to spend it on certain things. If you choose to spend your free time in a certain way, I think you should own up to it. You have the time to learn a new skill or start a new project. You just choose to spend your time different. But don’t cry that you don’t have any free time to spend on your goals.

Small steps can make big progress

Let’s take my 3 hours of free time. It doesn’t seem much when you look at it. I also like to relax a little bit, especially after a long day at work. But even after deducting an hour of the 3 hours, there are still two more left to spend on my goals and my vision. At the moment I am full of inspiration and ideas, and can easily write a blog within 1 hour. That process may take longer when I write a longer blog, or if the inspiration is just not there for the day. My vision for the end of the year is that I will have a website with 366 freshly written blogs. One hour each day will help me reach that goal. So I don’t need a lot of my free time to spend on my goals. Don’t you have at least one hour as well to spend on your goals, vision, or dreams? I think you do.

One hour really doesn’t seem much when you see it a just one hour. But look at the progress you can make in that hour. From the start of writing this blog to this part, I spent 40 minutes. I started writing at 20:30. Now it’s 21:10. This blog is already longer than the previous blog, and I am more happy with what I have written. That is progress if you ask me.

I also want to meditate daily, and that can take even less of my free time. The way I see progress in meditating, is how I feel after a session. Sometimes a meditation session of 10 minutes can make me feel better than one of 30 minutes. In only 10 minutes, I can make a lot of progress towards my goal of meditating daily.

Spend time on your dreams

I really want to create this big website full of blogs. Because I now have this vision that these 366 blogs will be written by the end of 2024, it gives the spent time somewhat more purpose. Yesterday I really didn’t feel like writing, but I made time for it anyway. In my mind I have already achieved my main goal, so it is not even an option to not write a blog everyday. While writing this blog, I also really notice that it gives me a lot of energy, and relaxation, to work towards my goals. Now I really think that it would be stupid, to not even be willing to spend only one hour on my dreams.

Just think what you could achieve in 366 hours. Because that is the amount of time you’ll have spent at the end of the year, when you only spend one hour each day on your goals. I don’t know about you, but 366 hours sounds like more than enough time for me to make some huge progress. Even half would be more than enough, to take a big step towards making your dream reality. Why not take that chance? Be willing to spend time on your dreams. It will be worth it.

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