Day 24: Back again, even though a little bit tired

The last two days I didn’t share a blog. I don’t have an excuse for it. Of course there were reasons for why I didn’t write, but I could’ve written something if I really wanted to. But I didn’t. I just didn’t felt like writing anymore after I got home. What the biggest problem was, was that I just couldn’t break through this energy dip. Normally that happens when I chill too long after I get home. Then I’m just really in the chilling vibe, and just don’t want to work on anything anymore. Today I am back again for a free writing session. I still have some ideas I want to write about as well, but free writing just feels good for now.

Let’s go back to that energy dip. The last few days I really noticed that I need time off. Luckily I will have two weeks off after this one, so that is good, but maybe I had to take time off sooner. Especially yesterday I really felt tired, and went to bed way earlier than I usually do. That I’m also waking up more during the night, doesn’t help as well. I also don’t think that the problem is like physical energy, because I do receive a great amount of energy when I do something fun with friends. Then this decrease in energy has to be something mental. Even though I have been busy recently, I don’t feel like I’ve done much more than before. So maybe it is just adding up now, and that I just need to take some rest. From Sunday I will certainly do that.

So okay, I am a little bit tired at the moment, but in general I do feel good. This week has been a really good week. Having a good time, and just living the good life. I plan to continue on that. I will just have a great time this week, and ultimately leave to Spain on Sunday. I really look forward to going to another country again, and also to a more sunny country. I think the sun will also really help me with getting my energy back. It is just some magic thing about sunshine.

I also won’t be bringing my laptop to Spain, so don’t expect long blogs the six days I’m away. Maybe I’ll try to write some blogs on my phone, but probably those blogs will be something like the haiku’s I’ve been writing. But you never know, maybe I will write a really long blog on my phone. At least the plan is to completely relax during my trip, and not worry about anything else. After that I will try to be more consistent with the daily writing again.

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