Day 2: 366 days of writing blogs

When I got to read the part(s) in Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger about starting with a somewhat broader goal, and narrow it down as I progress, it became much easier for me to start writing again. I was constantly thinking what kind of subjects I would want to write about, that in the end I didn’t start writing at all. Now that doesn’t mind anymore. I just write my blogs, and see where it will take me. In the book Schwarzenegger also writes about dreaming big, and don’t settle for less. I think that is where the 366 days of blogging came from. I don’t only want to start blogging again, but will challenge myself to start blogging daily instantly.

I tried writing daily in the past, but I never seemed to stick to that plan. At first it always goes great, since at the beginning I am still full of inspiration. That is the easy part of it. After that the difficult part makes its entrance. Then I don’t have as much inspiration anymore, and most of my energy is gone. It takes way too much of my time, energy, and dedication to write blogs. So why should I keep on writing daily? Because I couldn’t answer that question quick enough, I kind of always started writing less or not at all. I have been thinking about my previous attempts to write daily, and also really want to know the answer to why I’m almost 100% sure that I won’t fail this time.

Ever since I stopped writing for my Dutch website, which is not online anymore, I didn’t write anymore at all. I often thought about starting to write blogs again, but never did. Like I said, I thought I had to choose a niche to write for. That idea really stopped me from starting to write. What I now also think, is that it also stopped me from succeeding to write daily in the past. I was more thinking about how it maybe should be done, than that I had fun writing my blogs. Now it is just the idea to keep writing, and see where it will take me. Maybe I will narrow everything down to a specific niche, and maybe I don’t. But I don’t care about that anymore. Probably that is the reason why I am sure that I will succeed to finish this year with 366 blogs written.

Of course not every blog will be as good as the previous one. Some of the days I will just have more inspiration. I thought about writing blogs in advance, but that ruins the challenge for me. I don’t want to publish blogs daily. I want to write blogs daily. I do have a lot of ideas about what to write about, so I think I will be fine in the near future. But sometimes it will also just be about showing up, and just start writing. That also means that there will be short blogs one day, and really long blogs the other day. It is all about the 366 blogs at the end of 2024.

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