Day 15: Back in the saddle again

I thought motivation and discipline could be the only reasons to break my daily writing streak. Never even imagined that I would get the flu. Getting sick broke my streak, really? I haven’t been sick for a couple of years, and now I am starting with a daily blogging challenge, I catch the flu again? What are the odds? I got really pissed about it. But that could I do against it? The headaches were way too bad to look at the screen of my laptop. It just wasn’t a good idea to keep writing blogs. The only thing left for me to do right now, is getting back in the saddle again. Let’s start writing my blogs, and get in that daily blogging flow again.

So I will already miss 5 blogs at the end of this year. It kind of bothers me, but not a lot. I can’t do anything about it anymore. The only thing I can do, is start again from where I ended before. Let’s see how long I can make the streak go on for this time. I have been thinking about one thing that may end it again: I am going to Spain for holiday the 28th of January, and will be gone for 6 days. First I thought to bring my laptop, but a part of me really doesn’t want to do that. The main reason for that holiday can you read in my “Tired” blog. I just need to relax a little bit. Writing blogs do help with that, but it can also cause stress when I need to keep thinking about writing one. From the 28th, I just want to chill and don’t worry about a thing.

Since I got a travel journal for Christmas, I’ll keep writing though. Maybe I will share all those stories when I am back again. That could be an idea. Then I just post one travel journal story, and a daily blog on one day, so I can make up for the missed days. Or maybe I do bring my laptop, and will write blogs late in the evening with a cocktail at the side. Many ideas, so I will see what will happen. I really noticed the last few days, that I shouldn’t worry too much about missing some blogging days. At the end of the day, I know for sure that I will have written way more blogs than I ever did before by the end of the year. So it will be an improvement either way. So even if I would choose not to write at all during my holiday, everything will be okay. I will just pick it up from where I left it when I get home again.

But for now I am back again. I have some new ideas for blogs, and maybe even have like a general idea for the website, like choosing a blogging niche. Don’t pin me down on the last one, since it is still my main focus to maintain my daily blogging flow.

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