Break-time writing

Trying to write at work, during my break, is harder than I thought it would be. People talking, children screaming. It can be fun, but I notice that it doesn’t help the flow of inspiration I need. The free writing session will still go on though. I just start writing again, and will see where I’ll end up. Since I’ve had problems with doing something relaxing during my break, I thought it would be a good idea to start writing during my breaks. At least I have something to do when I’m done eating now.

In the past I used to bring my Nintendo Switch or another gameconsole, but the 30 minute break is too short for me to play games. So let’s try writing blogs now, or at least make a start with one. I just also want to tryout my new laptop. A few days ago we got a Samsung Galaxy Book 3 in the store, which I had my eyes on a few times already, so I couldn’t resist to buy it anymore. I can also more easily stop writing, because I am free writing anyway, and don’t have an end in mind. So when I finish writing a paragraph, I could just also finish writing there. However, I still want to try to finish writing a blog in those 30 minutes.

After the blog I wrote yesterday, I have been thinking a lot about the stuff I wrote about. The next few weeks and months will all be about making choices for me. If I really plan to go next-level now, then what will benefit me? Of course some changes will take some time, but I can always start taking the first steps. Small progress is also progress. Just like writing this blog. I am just free writing now, but at the end of the day this also will be a new blog, so I still made progress on my daily blogging challenge. Every small step in the beginning could become a big step in the end.

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