31 days, 24 blogs

It is the 31st of January, and this is the 24th blog of this month. Of course the challenge was to write daily, so this should have been the 31st blog. Even though I didn’t write every single day in the month, I am still kinda happy with the result. Never before have I written this many blogs in one month. I set the bar real high when the year started. From not writing anything for a few months, to writing daily, is a huge step. Too be honest, I thought I wouldn’t get further than writing maybe two blogs every week. This doesn’t mean that I will slack off now. The goal was to write daily, so the goal still is to write daily.

What did change though, is that I don’t want to be too hard for myself. When I couldn’t write, because I got sick, I felt really bad. I convinced myself that I should write no matter what. But that is not realistic. Even though I really like to write blogs again, there just will be some days where it is not possible to write one. I’m not only talking about getting sick or other obvious reasons why I wouldn’t write, but sometimes the energy just isn’t there as well. Should I always write right through that lack of motivation and energy? I thought so at first. But I should also look after myself. Sometimes it is just better to do something else, and relax a little bit.

Some of the other New Years resolutions have been abandoned as well. I think three out of five are still alive. The only one to blame for that would be me. Yes, it was a rough month overall, but I sometimes could’ve reacted differently to certain situations. I did let some things get to me way too easy. It is easier said than done to react different to situations, and maybe that’s also why I am not too hard on myself. For the coming period/month I will align my goals to what happened this month. I think a lot will change in the near future. It’s up to me to align my actions to that. Let’s see what February will bring. Oh, and of course I’ll try to write daily again.

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