Author: Kevin

21/01/2024 / / Blog

We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can always decide how we react to it. Recently I’ve heard many stories from people, who are only complaining how life treats them badly. Almost none of them wants to realize that they have the choice to react on life whichever way they want to. Everyone has their struggles, small or big, but it is all about your reaction to those struggles, to decide what the final outcome will be.

20/01/2024 / / Blog

Trying to write at work, during my break, is harder than I thought it would be. People talking, children screaming. It can be fun, but I notice that it doesn’t help the flow of inspiration I need. The free writing session will still go on though. I just start writing again, and will see where I’ll end up. Since I’ve had problems with doing something relaxing during my break, I thought it would be a good idea to start writing during my breaks. At least I have something to do when I’m done eating now.

19/01/2024 / / Blog

Recently I started to feel better again. When 2024 started I kinda was at a low. It is hard to explain, but I just didn’t feel good. The last few days though I’ve been noticing that I start feeling better. Maybe it is because I started to write again, and am writing a lot, but of course it could also be something else. There are still moment where I don’t feel really strong, but these moments happen less often. I feel like I am back again, and maybe even better than before. The thing is though, that because I start to feel stronger again, I also want to take actions fitting for that newfound strength. I want to take steps and improve in every way I can. That also brings a bit of frustration.

19/01/2024 / / Blog
17/01/2024 / / Blog

Okay, so it is getting harder to get myself tow write each and every night. The problem is not that I don’t have any ideas. I have plenty. The thing with a lot of those ideas, is that they take a while to write a blog about. Most of my ideas at the moment are ideas for blogs that are more suitable to write when I have time off. Then I can invest all the time and energy in them that I want. I also think that after being sick last week, and not writing blogs at all, really did something to my writing flow. I just have to get back into that flow again. The only way to do that, is to keep showing up. Even though this will be a short blog, at least I wrote one. Tomorrow will probably be a short blog again also. I most probably will try to write an haiku again.