7 tips voor een goede blogtitel

7 tips for creating a good blog-title


So you just have written the most awesome blog you ever did. You’re on the point of publishing it. But then you notice that you still need to come up with a good blog-title. Maybe you already have a title for your new blog, but it’s not nearly as good as the text you’ve written. You need another title. But how do you come up with a good one? What makes a good blog-title? Well, with these 7 tips, I will try to help you with creating a kick-ass blog-title.

Moet je elke dag nieuwe content publiceren?

You don’t have any excuse to not share content every single day

Personal Branding

A big part of developing your personal brand, is sharing content. A lot of people think you should be doing that every single day. Is that smart? Isn’t it better to focus on the quality of the content than focusing on the quantity? What if I tell you, you could easily combine quality with quantity? In this blog I’m going to tell you how.

What is personal branding?

What is personal branding?

Personal Branding

You are a personal brand. Personal branding is working to make your personal brand worth more. Easy isn’t it? Well… actually it’s not. The term personal branding is getting more popular every day. But the fun thing is, that when I talk to people about it, a lot of people still don’t know what a personal brand is. They don’t realize that they are working on their own brand every single day. Because many people don’t know that, it’s not strange that many personal brands aren’t what they should be. For them, I’m writing this blog.

3 tips that will make you a productive beast

3 tips that will make you a productive beast


What are the secrets for a productive day? You do have the feeling that you’ve been busy the whole day, but that’s not the same as being productive. You probably tried out a lot of techniques to increase your productivity. I did. I also discovered that many (well meant) tips don’t work. But I don’t want to give up and found these tips. Hopefully they will help you to become a productive beast.

Bullying is wrong

I got bullied and survived it


Recently I’ve shared my history with bullying, in Dutch. First I thought about translating that blog. I decided not to. When I reread that text, I read the story of someone who still sees himself as a victim. If there’s one thing that I’m not (anymore), it’s a victim. I survived bullying. While I still suffer from some of the results from the bullying, I know that I’ve come a long way already. Feeling better day after day. Sharing my story gave me the motivation to do something about bullying. I have a huge goal and many people will say that it will be impossible to reach the finish-line. Well, let me prove them wrong.