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15/04/2024 / / Blog

Today I saw a video about the difference between responsibility and accountability, and this really resonated with a story I heard today. In this video Ryan Dunlap states the following: “Responsibility is taking ownership over an action. Accountability is taking ownership over an outcome.” Even though it may not always be the case, I can see responsibility and accountability go hand in hand. When you decide to take a specific action, then you should also take responsibility over the outcome. Don’t go around blaming others for the outcome, when you were the one who took the action which decided the outcome. For me, that comes over as weak and immature. Even when you weren’t responsible for the action, you can always decide to take responsibility over the outcome. No one else decides what the outcome will be but yourself. That can be hard to realize, but too be completely honest: some people just need to stop being so vain, even arrogant maybe, and get there head out of their ass.

08/04/2024 / / Blog

In the past I always thought that you would just find your passion someday. You just find it, and know that this is the thing. Last week though, I saw a video, where the following was stated: “You don’t find your passion, you create your passion.” It kinda opened my eyes regarding passions. You can just live life, and see what grabs your interest. When that interest keeps your attention, then you will probably develop it into a passion. As a man with many interests, it seems that I need to work very hard the in the upcoming time. I will make a choice between my interests, to see which really grabs my attention, and will see if a passion will be created after.

07/04/2024 / / Blog

I went out for a 1-hour walk today. The weather was, unexpectedly, amazing, so I wanted to enjoy that. Completely gone from all distractions, only focusing on my music and walking, the deep thinking started again. This time my own personal growth was the subject. It is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, so it’s only normal that I got into a deeper state of thinking about it, when I’m out walking. This thinking still hasn’t stopped though. I’m constantly thinking about growing as a person. What are the good habits that I want to develop? What are the bad habits, I want to get rid off? What are my passions? Do I need to learn some new skills, and how? I’ve realized a lot, while trying to answer these questions, but am also still having some uncertainties about specific things.

04/04/2024 / / Blog

It is impossible to please every single person, even though it sometimes seems easier to do so. I think the constant urge to please everyone, could have many different reasons. But it all comes back to some kind of fear. We are afraid to hurt others. We are afraid of someone’s reaction when we don’t agree with them. Or maybe we are afraid to fail. I could go on and on. The main fix for the need to please everyone, is shifting our perspective. What if we would see the inability to please everyone as a aspect of our authenticity, rather than seeing it as a failure? This is something I really want to develop myself, and hope this blog will help me, and others, with accepting the fact that we just cannot please everyone every-time.

01/04/2024 / / Blog

So I started writing poetry. On my micro-sd card there is now a file called: Straight out of my heart. That is what it is. I need a way to write about things, the things I’m not feeling ready to blog about. I took the step to start writing more personal, but this still comes a bit too close. Because it comes too close, it is also makes it harder to share on this website. That is why I decided to make this text file, to just start writing poetry in, poetry about my thoughts and feelings.